A long list of short tips #2

I love long lists of short tips.

Here is a piece called These Things, I Wish To Have Known from retinart.net. While this list is written by a designer with designing in mind, the sentiments express are applicable to many parts of our life. I found the following particularly interesting.

You won’t have enough time

You’re forever a student
If you want to become successful in this industry, do not lose your inquisitive nature or thirst for knowledge.

Stop watching TV
Nothing to do with design, but something worth doing.

Always ask questions
It doesn’t mean you’re dumb, it means you want to learn.

Don’t promise deadlines
If you can get it done by lunch, tell them they’ll have it the end of the day (things come up).

Be friendly
Smile to people, ask how they’re going, take a genuine interest in finding common ground. It’s nice to be nice, you know?


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